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Emtek Tuscany Door Hardware

Emtek Tuscany locks have heavy duty mechanisms designed to provide trouble free service.

Knob and lever lock handles are supported by springs mounted behind the rosettes and sideplates. These springs return the handles back to the "rest" position and prevent lever sag.

Latches are heavy duty diecast construction, with strong internal springs, solid brass nose bolts and sintered metal cams.

A plastic bushing located in the joint between handle and rosette ensures a friction free wear surface. This prevents metal from bearing on metal and provides smooth long-lasting operation.

Handles are positively connected to rosettes with a permanent clip. Spindles are spring loaded "half spindles" pre-installed into the base of each handle. Half spindles are more forgiving of imperfect door preps. If the holes in a door are drilled out of alignment the spindles still have a good chance to operate the latch without binding.

Each Emtek handle lock has a set screw which, when tightened, eliminates "handle wobble." Set screws do not hold the handles on but serve to remove any looseness after other installation steps are completed.

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