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How To and Definitions

Handing Chart

See Door Handing Chart.

Some lever style locks require you to know if is a left hand (LH) or a right hand (RH) lock.

As shown in the illustration, always stand outside of the room you are trying to determine the handing on. If the hinges are on the left, it is a left hand lock, if the hinges are on the right, it is a right hand lock. It doesn't matter if the door swings in or out.

Note: When ordering Mortise locks, you have to note if the door swings in or out.

Left Hand   Right Hand
left hand out swing door right hand out swing door

Left hand normal swing door   Right hand normal swing door
left hand in swing door

Left hand reverse swing
right hand in swing door 

Right hand reverse swing

Door Measuring

How to determine Backset
(2 3/8" is standard for Non-Mortise Locksets)
  How to determine Center to Center
(5 1/2" is standard for Non-Mortise Locksets)
backset measurement center to center measurement



Door Lock Terminology and Door Function

Handleset - Front entry with Single or Double Cylinder deadbolt and Thumblatch Passage
Deadbolt - Deadbolts come in Single Cylinder(Keyed exterior/thumbturn interior
Double Cylinder - A lock that opens with a key from both sides of the Door. Check code before installing.
Entry - Keyed Knob or Lever
Privacy - Used on Bedrooms, Bathrooms and on Stairways to Basements
Passage - Used on Closets, Pantries or Doors not Requiring a Locking Function
Dummy - Stationary Knob or Lever Used mostly on Double Doors that open with a pull motion
Pocket Lock - Used on Pocket Doors and come in two styles, Notched or Round
HInge Stop - Hinge stops install on top of the hinge to protect wall damage
Viewer - Used to see visitors without opening the door
Reverse Swing - Term used mostly for exterior doors that swing out
Spring Stop - The most common door stop mounted on the base board or bottom of the door
Rigid Stop - Door stop that is rigid and will not give if bumped into. Check code before installing.

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