Install a Smart Lock to Never Lock Out Your Kid!

Satin Nickel Keyless LockNever be locked out with a Smart Lock!

Hardware Direct cannot help with the daily chaos of getting your kids ready for school, but we can help make sure they reach the security of your home after school. Installing a smart lock on an entry door helps to ensure your children can enter your home without worrying about remembering or finding a key every day.  We sell several different types of smart door hardware manufactured by top lock manufacturers such as Delaney, Emtek, and Kwikset.

You may think, “Why should I replace my door lock when I can hide a spare key?” The answer is security.  How many people know where your spare key is hidden?  How inconspicuous is the hiding spot really? Home burglars already know the typical locations such as the door mat and fake rock bought from a big box store.  A better option would be to install a Bluetooth enabled smart lock or a simpler technology such as a keypad deadbolt.  You will not even have to sacrifice style with the many available designs and finishes.

What is a smart lock?

The basic premise of a smart lock is that it is keyless. There are a few varieties with some being “smarter” than others.  The most basic type of lock has a keypad where you enter a numeric code using push buttons.  The next version is the touch pad which operates the same as the key pad but without actual buttons.  Instead, you enter the lock code by touching a screen on the lock.  The smartest version of lock is the type that does not require you to even touch the lock. It automatically connects to your Bluetooth enabled phone allowing you to unlock the door without remembering any codes.

What should I buy?

We have identified two of the most trusted lock manufacturers in the business and listed a few of their options below:

Emtek offers great style and security and a myriad of options.  They offer electronic locks that include keypads, touchpads, and the LISCIO Keypad Leverset with Bluetooth connectivity.

Kwikset provides smart security options with their SMARTCODE electronic keypad locks as well as the Kevo.  Kevo is an innovative Bluetooth enabled smart lock that utilizes your smart phone as the key.

Home Automation Options

If you are looking for extend your home automation, consider Kwikset.  Their locks work with the Home Connect system.

Door Hardware: Jewelry For Your Home

Antique Brass Knob

Home décor trends are constantly evolving and updating the look of your home can be as simple and inexpensive as changing out your door and cabinet hardware. The most popular finishes for door and cabinet hardware during the past few years have been satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. According to several popular interior designers, styles are shifting towards Antique Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel and Matte Black. Paula Ables recommends accenting your home with polished chrome or satin brass hardware and cautions to not use multiple metal finishes like chrome and nickel together. Scott Mcgillvray from HGTV says that replacing old door knobs with matte black or polished chrome hardware is an easy way to update the look of a home. When you select your finish of choice just be sure to not mix similar metals; consistency is the key to a great new look.

If you are looking for a more dramatic change, you can follow the hot trend of barn doors. Barn doors can be turned into a design feature that adds architectural detail, color, and texture to an interior space. If you are looking for inspiration on how to use a barn door hardware, take a look at how Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s popular show Fixer Upper used them in a barn converted to a home.

On our website you can find barn door hardware that’s suitable for contemporary, modern, and even vintage décor.  You can find what you need to complete your style in our Delaney section.

Emtek Locks – Premium Door Hardware

Emtek Entry LockEmtek Door Hardware

Emtek is a manufacturer of premium door locksets.  Founded in 1981, Emtek earned its reputation for outstanding craftsmanship, design, and quality.  Each door lock order is custom assembled at their facility in Southern California.  While this process does add extra lead time, it provides our customers a myriad of options to meet their design needs.

Material and Finish Options

Emtek offers one of the widest variety of material and finish options on the market.  They use seven different materials ranging from solid brass to porcelain, depending on the design.  You also can choose between seventeen different finish options although not all designs offer all finish options.

Door Hardware Styles

Whether your home is a classic ranch style or new age contemporary, one of Emtek’s design collections will meet your needs.  The easiest way to find the design that best fits your style is to use their product selector.  You can find it on by clicking on Products and then Selector from the menu across the top of their page.  Emtek does not sell to the general public so once you find the design and finish that meets your expectations, return to our page to place your order.  Emtek is constantly updating their product offering and a product may not have been added to our site yet.  Rest assured that we still have access to the product and simply contact us for great pricing and to place your order.

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Continue your home’s style into the kitchen and bath with Emtek’s cabinet hardware.  All the same material and finish options are used in Emtek’s cabinet products.  There is a tremendous amount of different styles to choose from.

Bathroom Accessories

Emtek’s broad product offering of robe hooks, towel bars, towel rings, and toilet paper holders are designed to compliment the various styles of door knobs, levers, and cabinet pulls.

New Home Security First Step: Replace your locks!

New Home Security - Lock ReplacementNew home security can be questionable.  Whether you have recently purchased a home or lived in the same home for years, you should consider who else may have a key to your home.  The previous homeowners may have given keys to their housekeeper, a neighbor, or extended family.  The fact is you simply do not know who may have a key to your house if you use the same ones provided when you purchased it.

New Home Security Lock Replacement Options

One option is to replace your locks.  Buying new door hardware allows you to control who has access to your home which increases your security.  It also provides the opportunity to customize your door hardware to your style.  You can replace just the entry doors of your home or you can replace all the internal door knobs and levers to keep a consistent look throughout the house.

Replacing most existing door hardware is a simple process and all you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver.  Remove the two screws on the inside of the door knob and the two screws on the latch plate.  Then pull on the knobs on both sides of the door and remove the latch last.   To replace your door hardware with a new knob and deadbolt, you will need to know the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole covered by the knob or deadbolt.  This is called the backset and the standard backset is typically 2 3/8” but most residential door hardware brands have latches that are adjustable to 2 3/4”.

If you choose a lever style keyed entry, you will also need to know the handing.  You can determine the handing by facing the exterior of the door and seeing where the hinges are.  If the hinges are on the left, the handing is left handed, and if the hinges are on the right, the handing is right handed.  You may also consider a handleset for your front door.  When buying a handleset, you will need to know the backset, the handing if choosing a lever for your interior option, the door thickness, and the distance between the centers of the two holes in the door.  Please reference our “how to” guide for pictures on how to determine backset, handing, door thickness, and center to center dimension.

When ordering from Hardware Direct, you have multiple keying options.  “Key all locks alike” means all cylinders will be keyed alike by the manufacturer or distributor.  Keying all locks the same will allow you to use the same key on all your entry doors so that you do not have to keep track of which key works on each door. “No keying required” means each lock will come packaged with its own keys and keys for each lock cannot be used in the others from that order.  Most of the companies we work with can also match an existing key code. Some brands stamp a key code on the original keys and this code can be provided to have additional locks keyed alike to that code. If you do not have the lock’s original key or if the brand you currently own does not stamp its keys, the keys can be “read” by a locksmith or we can provide the information to mail your existing key to the manufacturer so your new hardware can be keyed alike to your existing locks.

If your current locks are in good condition and you are happy with their appearance you can also choose to order and replace the cylinders in each lock or rekey your existing locks instead of replacing them.  You or a locksmith can replace the cylinders in each entry or deadbolt.  If you choose to have the cylinders rekeyed, it does not require any effort on your part other than finding a reputable locksmith.  The locksmith will come out to your house, reset the tumblers in your locks, and provide you with new keys.  By changing the lock tumblers, the old keys will no longer work for your doors.

Whichever path you choose, in order to improve your new home security all entry doors such as your front door, back door, and the door leading to your garage need to be included in the changes you make.

Delaney Lock Hardware Introduction

Delaney Lock HardwareDelaney Hardware is based in Cumming, GA which is about 40 miles north of Atlanta.  Delaney has continued to grow since opening its doors in the 1980s. They recently completed an expansion of their warehouse that more than doubled their floor space.  Delaney offers quick turn around and orders typically ship the same day you order from us at Hardware Direct.  The owners of Hardware Direct visited Delaney in both 2014 and 2015 and we can honestly say that they have super friendly staff who are always willing to help us and our customers. Offering products ranging from hinges, deadbolts to door stops; you can fulfil all your door hardware needs with Delaney. A Delaney lock offers at great look at a great price.

Delaney Lock Collections

Delaney locksets have something for everyone’s style with one of their five Designer Series collections.  The Sandcast collection is forged for durability and available in Aged Black, Aged Pewter, and Aged Bronze finishes for an affordable style. The Solid Brass series is also forged and is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Tuscany Bronze, and Satin Nickel Finishes.  The Traditional designs are for those who want their door hardware to always be in style.  For a modern look, the Contemporary Collections offers clean, straight line door levers and handlesets available in several finishes.

With Callan from Delaney, you get all the style without the price.  The Callan door lock line can match most design styles and several options for Grade II level durability. EZ Set is one of their oldest product lines and is now rebranded as Delaney Hardware.  This product line works great for replacing existing door knobs and new doors alike.  Delaney also offers electronic locks in several designs to help eliminate the need for a key.  These smart locks can be programmed with your custom code and you can leave your keys at home.

Delaney compliments their door hardware offering with all the other accessories you need such as hinges, pocket door locks, door stops, door knockers, and views.  A new introduction to their product family is barn door hardware.  Although not currently on our website, you can contact us for pricing.

In addition to addressing all your door hardware needs, Delaney also offers several exceptional lines of bath hardware to cohesively carry your style into the bathroom.  From towel racks to robe hooks, you can finish your bathroom remodel with beautiful hardware that compliments your door hardware.

Another relatively new addition to Delaney’s portfolio is the Silver Oaks faucet line with designs for the bath and kitchen sinks as well as showers. The faucets are ADA compliant.

Delaney does not sell to the public but through Hardware Direct you have access to all of their wonderful products that will ship directly to you from Delaney, all at a great price.  Order now and use our promo code DELANEY for 25% off most products.

3 reasons a home builder should buy from us!

Home construction, home builder
home construction

A home builder should consider Hardware Direct for three reasons:

Customer service



As a home builder, there are so many headaches when you are building or renovating a house and we would like to simplify your door, bath and cabinet hardware needs.

Customer Service

Whether it is by phone, email or an online order, a home builder’s business will always be handled by the same knowledgeable and friendly person. Your order will be reviewed and submitted to the factory or distributor the same day you order. This allows us to minimize the possibility of issues with your orders that could cause delays on the job site.

Convenience for home builder

Beyond the convenience of a single point of contact for your door hardware needs, you have the options to order through our website anytime of the day using your computer or mobile device, by phone with your dedicated sales person, or by email also with your very own customer representative.  Your order will arrive at the address of your choice whether it is your office or the job site within 2-5 days typically. offers top brands like Delaney, Kwikset, Emtek, Weslock, and Weiser along with bath hardware and cabinet hardware.


Not only do we sell some of the best brand names, we also provide some of the best prices for a home builder with 30 to 48 percent off list prices depending on the door hardware manufacturer.  Hardware items ordered at case quantities may offer additional discounts.  All orders over $199 ship for free and we offer free residential keying.  We also do not charge sales tax if your hardware order is delivered to an address outside of Tennessee.